Thursday, May 01, 2008

New Gear

This morning Steen and I had a very good session. Last night, I made him a rope halter and today when I put it on him I felt like it helped a lot with communication. I felt he was a lot more responsive in the arena and that he focused on me a lot more fully today than he ever has. I tried out a technique using a wall and a longe whip which really helped with the standing issue, and in general he seemed a lot less bored and restive than he has in the past.

But the very exciting news awaited me when I got home from work just after 5. Brian had thoughtfully unpacked and set up on the coffee table my brand new very own endurance saddle and pad. I sat in it (using the arm of the couch as a "horse") and it seems to be the perfect size for me. Now as long as it fits Steen, we'll be good to go.

Unfortunately, it looks like tomorrow is going to be a very full 9-5 at work, so I might have to wait to try it out until Saturday.

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