Friday, July 18, 2008

Grand Visitors

Steen and I had to part ways for quite a while while I took a trip to Arizona via Chicago and Brian's sister's wedding on the way back. Luckily, Brian stepped up to the plate and went to visit our poor lonely horse twice while I was gone. Cathi also brought Steen in from the pasture when the farrier came so he could get his feet trimmed.

I finally made it out to see him again on Wednesday. Initially, I could tell our relationship was a little rusty, but on the whole he was quite well-behaved. I didn't ride him, but did quite a lot of ground-work and before long I felt things were well back on track between us. He was good, and happy to do everything I asked him, including walking down the scary hallway where the manure spreader used to be.

Then, yesterday, Brian's parents were in town for a visit, so I took them out to meet their grandhorse. Steen was totally on his best behavior - very friendly and inquisitive in endearing ways. They liked him instantly. They were very impressed with his good looks, and good behavior. They both led him around the outside arena, walking and trotting. There was much petting and carrot feeding and oohing and ahhing. I was very, very pleased with Steen's behavior. Even though he's been handled only irregularly for over two weeks, he was an absolute doll for people he's never met before, and who know next to nothing about horses.

Now I just need to get him as settled in under saddle as he is on the ground. At least, thankfully, the foundation is now there.

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