Friday, September 05, 2008

Soggy Ground

We've been getting more rain here. Unfortunately, rain means a soggy outdoor arena, and to preserve the grass out there, barn rules tell us to ride indoors when it is wet. I left work on Wednesday feeling a little bummed about this. The indoor arena is not bad - it is just smaller, dustier, less scenic and less... outside. However, during my drive I came up with a way to make it less boring. When I got to the barn, I brushed Steen, picked his feet, and led him into the arena. After a bit of ground-work, I put his bridle on, and hopped on bareback.

I hadn't ridden bareback in quite a while, and so it was a very nice change. The one thing I still haven't managed to recreate here in Iowa is the freedom of riding I used to enjoy in Tucson. Wednesday's ride wasn't quite as good as heading out my parent's gate to enjoy the wealth of trails at my immediate disposal, but it was very nice.

Steen started off a little nervous, but soon relaxed. At times, his trot is becoming almost jog-like. Of course, at other times (like when someone drives the mower through the barn aisle) it is not at all jog-like. So, staying on him without a saddle takes some concentration.

Today, I am very sore. This reminds me that I am not in as good shape as I could be. An hour long bareback trail-ride, mostly going at a trot or lope, used to leave me barely even fatigued. Now a little walk-trot ride in an arena leaves me with quite a few very indignant muscle groups. Not good.

So, I am going to ride bareback more often.


  1. Bareback truly is the best way to ride. I plan on doing lots of it...and probably spending a lot of time really, really sore as a result

  2. It really is the best. Are your horses going to be near you soon, then?

  3. Yep. Been sporadically posting about it on my blog, friends only.


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