Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Cool Thing About Having a Photographer For A Brother... he can make my rather ordinary life look beautiful and glamorous.

And all he did was stand there by the door while I rode like normal.


  1. Did you ever notice that his star is shaped like Colombia? :-)

  2. I like Steen's expression in the last one, he looks both alert and yet somehow calm. The middle one looks strange to me, I think because it's lacking the ears...apparently I use those as a reference to the angle a horse's head is at.

    Great pics though.

  3. Liz: Nope, never noticed that. Usually his forelock covers most of that marking.

    Erica: It is true - a horse without ears is much harder to read. I agree with your assessment of the third picture. He was so funny about the camera, really curious and a little nervous at the same time, but all in all not too worried about.


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