Sunday, October 12, 2008


Yesterday the farrier came to the barn to work on feet, and a boarder's son turned two, so we had a grand old foot-trimmin', food-eatin' get-together. I was a little worried that Steen's ruffled nerves over the vet visit would affect his behavior with the farrier since such care-givers operate in the same part of the barn, which is not the part we usually use. But, I needn't have worried. Steen was extremely good, not only standing patiently tied up (sometimes unattended) while we waited for our turn, but never once seeming nervous or feisty while standing for the farrier. Afterwards, I rode him in the indoor arena and he was absolutely perfect. He was relaxed, responsive and focused, in spite of all the activity and commotion in the barn. Of course, it was rather warm yesterday, and there were plenty of other horses around the whole time. Heat does tend to make him sluggish, and having other horses nearby makes him less nervous, but nevertheless I was proud of him.

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