Saturday, January 03, 2009


Although I spent the holidays in Tucson and did a fair bit of riding both Jak and Rojo, I have definitely noticed that working with other people's horses just isn't nearly as great as working with my own. I missed Steen actively, just about daily, the whole vacation. After about two weeks away, I was quite happy to head to the barn late this morning. In spite of quite a bit of ice around town, the road to the barn was good. I found Cathi and Teri in the barn, and Steen outside, rather upset because some improvements to the stalls meant he was getting a late breakfast. I went outside and let the herd loose, and was amused to see the orderly way everyone filed into the barn (even lining up to wait their turn to get through the door) and into their respective stalls. It never ceases to amaze me how much horses sometimes resemble children.

Steen is looking pretty good. He's got more padding along his spine and in his shoulders, but he's not quite as chubby as I expected. He was also about to EXPIRE because he had been HOURS since he was used to getting his grain (nevermind he's been eating off the large bale out there all night), so I let him eat while I groomed him... rather a task after two weeks left to his own devices. He wasn't muddy, just generally grungy.

Anyway, after the extended grooming session, I took him to the indoor arena and did some groundwork and made him move around a bit, but in the end was just happy to hang out with him and let him loosen his legs and get his kicks out. Perhaps tomorrow I'll go out for a ride.

I'm just happy to have my own horse at my disposal again.

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  1. I agree that riding one's own horse is often much better than riding other horses. It's just so much more comfortable and relaxing. They just seem to 'fit', like a comfortable old pair of jeans (or shoes, or whatever).

    And yeah, I miss my critters terribly when I travel.


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