Thursday, January 08, 2009

A Winter Ride: In Numbers

  • degrees above zero when I left the house this morning: 11
  • articles of clothing worn: 17
  • miles from my house to the barn: 15
  • other people at the barn: 0
  • horses loose in the aisle when I arrived: 1
  • seconds it took for the unheated toilet to steal all my saved body warmth: .025
  • utensils used to groom Steen: 6
  • times hands became completely numb and needed to be shoved into armpits to warm up before I could complete the grooming process: 3
  • tails skipped brushing due to extreme coldness of hands: 1
  • pieces of tack used to ride: 1
  • major arteries delightfully close to Steen's nice warm back while riding without a saddle: 2
  • minutes spent riding: 30
  • times Steen rolled after getting turned loose in the arena: 3
  • flakes of hay I gave him as a reward for being so good: 1
  • extremities not partially or completely numb when I returned to my car: 0
  • minutes spent driving home: 25
  • bagels purchased on the way: 13
  • websites I should have been working on instead of riding: 3
  • times I wished I'd spent my morning some other way: 0

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