Wednesday, April 08, 2009


When we woke up this morning, it was 30 degrees out, which is about what we've come to expect here this spring. So, I let things warm up as much as possible and was pleased to note that the sun was at least shining when I arrived at the barn.

I went to get Steen out of the pasture and again he came straight for the gate when he saw me. When I had some trouble undoing the chains, he tried to help me open them with his upper lip. While this was not effective, it was quite entertaining.

Once I got Steen out of the pasture and began leading him up to the barn, I had an epiphany. It was nice out. Granted, I was wearing at least two layers of clothing on most of my body, but the sun felt warm and pleasant and the breeze didn't have a knife edge on it. So, I decided to let Steen graze in the newly sprouted outdoor arena while I groomed him. He seemed glad of the opportunity to gorge himself, and after I brushed roughly 4 cubic feet of hair out of his coat, I put his rope halter on and we did some ground-work. His stall stiffness has definitely left him. He is moving much more comfortably and his ankles are back to their svelte pre-winter circumference.

After the ground-work, I put Steen's bridle on and hopped on bareback. This marked two firsts for me. My first outdoor ride of 2009, and my first bareback outdoor ride on Steen ever.

Unfortunately, my time at the barn was limited today, so my ride consisted of a slow meander around the outdoor arena and little more. Still, it was nice, both to get some sun and fresh air , and to feel like summer isn't just some unrealistic dream that will never come to pass.

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