Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Mud of Spring

On Wednesday I went to the barn to find the mud lot truly living up to its name. I could not be more grateful that Steen comes to the gate to meet me now, because even walking into that soup of muck that covers the ground from fence to fence would be difficult. On Wednesday I got Steen pretty well cleaned up, but when Brian and I arrived at the barn last night, we discovered it was all to no avail.

This is how Steen looked when we pulled him out of the mud lot. Lately I've been letting him graze while I groom him because he's losing weight again (he doesn't like the round-bale hay he gets in the mud lot - but hopefully he'll plump back up once they're on pasture grass full time in just a couple more weeks) and it takes so long I figure I may as well get him some nutrition while I scrub away.

After a good deal of time and effort we conquered the grime at least to the point that the saddle and pad area was clean. I figure the rest of him is just going to be dirty for a while...

We went indoors and Brian had a good ride, working on walking, flexing, stopping and standing. Then I hopped on and we threw some trotting in there too. After a while we were joined in the arena by the barn owner and the barn helper on their young, green, new horses. One is a retired racehorse and the other is a huge draft-mutt. They were both on the antsy side last night and I was so pleased at how well Steen did, not catching their anxiety at all, just keeping up his nice jog, staying mostly on the rail and responding quickly to all my soft steering queues even when it was clear he was curious and kind of wanted to get closer to the other horses.

After the ride we went back outside to give him some grain and let him graze an little more. I snapped a shot of him and Brian from the other side of the fence.


  1. Wow, you actually got his white parts looking white. I usually just manage to get the chunky bits off, and end up with an artificial paint. :)

    That's great that Steen isn't antsy about other horses. My guys are pretty good on their own, but other horses are often a pretty big distraction (especially mares...).

  2. Yeah, he comes clean pretty well sometimes, in spite of his efforts to de-paint himsself. :)

    It is nice he has gotten so mellow about other horses. He wasn't always that way. A year ago he bucked me off because he wanted to go hang out with his friends... so, it's nice when there is discernible progress made.


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