Monday, June 01, 2009

What's Coming Up

Yesterday was a nice sunny day so I headed out to see Steen in the late morning. Upon arrival I noticed a few things out of the ordinary. 1) There was a horse trailer backed up in front of the garage. 2) There was a semi backed up in front of the house.

This wasn't a total shock to me. The barn I board at has been for sale since before I came to board there, and recently the owner, Cathi, indicated to us boarders that they had an interested party. Cathi and her husband, fortunately, are only moving to the other side of town to be near her husband's family land, (they farm) and they are building a new facility out there which will be much the same as the current one except half the distance from town and with access to trails.

In my head this whole change was going to take place in the fall. Yesterday, I learned everything is going to move along much faster than that. The new barn owner is coming in on July 1, and she's going to turn the facility into her own dressage school. That means us pleasure riders need to be out by June 30.

Luckily, Cathi is not abandoning us to our fate. We're going to haul all the horses across town on the same day and take them to the new land. The only problem - the new land doesn't have anything on it yet.

So, it's going to be an interesting summer. Cathi and her family will be living in a trailer in the machine shed. The horses will all be pasture horses for a while. Cathi is hoping to have the indoor arena up by August and the rest of the barn finished by winter. The main inconvenience is I'll have to keep all my tack in my car for a while, but for half the drive and trail access, I guess I can put up with some temporary irritation.

As far as my ride yesterday, it was ok. The horses were in a new pasture and chowing down like lawn mowers. Cathi said Steen led the whole herd at a gallop to the gate when she called them a couple days ago. Clearly, Steen is in fine form. When I rode, he was really, really energetic. After trying to get him to settle in and relax at the walk without much success, I just let him trot his little heart out. We trotted fast, for a long, long time. I wasn't timing it, but I'm guessing at least half an hour without stopping before he finally settled in, relaxed and started paying attention. Granted, this was only our second outdoor ride this year and I'm glad he's feeling good, so I'm willing to cut him some slack, but today I'm pretty much sore all over. Sometimes I love the challenges of a "project" horse but sometimes I look forward to Steen's middle years...

Oh yeah, Steen turned 9 a week ago Friday. I forgot to mention it.


  1. Wow, that move does crazy. Very cool that the barn owner is taking care of you guys though. And a shorter drive and trails definitely sound like good things.

  2. Yeah, it's gonna be a bit nutty, but hopefully it will all work out for the best. And I must say I have been consistently impressed with my barn owner. I love how much individual attention she gives to horses and boarders and I love the size of the facility. It's small enough that everybody knows everybody else, but big enough that we have everything we need...


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