Sunday, July 12, 2009

Picking Up

Well, I'm back in Iowa and ready to settle back into my routine. I arrived home on Wednesday, late, worked Thursday and Friday and so didn't have a chance to go see Steen until Saturday. However, Saturday after a late morning, Brian and I headed out. I didn't think to take my camera, so can't illustrate the progress that's been made on the barn, but the building is definitely recognizable now, and I'm more than a little curious to see it all come together.

We found Steen in the pasture, without his new fly mask (we found it later, utterly dismembered, by the feed area). He seemed happy to see us, and we took him over to the trailer that currently acts as the tacking area. He was very good about weaving among the construction equipment and the new above-ground pool, not seeming bothered by any of it, though he was a little disinclined to stand quietly right at first. He was pulling his "back up until the lead rope is too tight and then get upset about the tight rope" stunt a few times, but I just made him walk forward each time and he stopped before too long.

Brian and I groomed him and then decided to go for a walk. We returned to the scene of his little meltdown the last time Brian went out, and apparently he felt safer in our herd of three than he had out with Brian alone, because he was quite well behaved. He walked along with us happily, though was kind of a pill about trying to graze from time to time. We walked a long way, and scoped out about a third of the circuit I hope to soon make into our regular trail-ride. We stopped a few times to let Steen eat, and another few times to make him do some basic groundwork when he started walking too fast, but all in all I was really pleased. He was fine tromping over all sorts of different terrain, including some pretty deep, crackly dry vegetation in a place or two.

We returned to the barn without incident, let him graze for a while longer and returned him to the pasture.

So, I'm hopeful my first ride at the new place will go well when it finally rolls around, and Steen won't have too bad a case of nerves, though I don't think I'm going to venture real far afield without another horse and rider with me for a while...

In other news, I've been having fun reading some other horse blogs (mainly by endurance riders). I've added links to their posts to my side-panel.


  1. The life-span of a fly mask seems to be inversely proportional to the number of horses it comes in contact with. When I just had my two guys, I'd replace them every 2 years or so. Now I just do Tranikla (sometimes), and in like 3 months they've killed one and the second is getting pretty beat up. It seems to come off the horse less frequently either my regime of spraying it with Bitter Yuck worked, or the other horse(s) just got bored of it.

    Good luck when you start riding at the new place.

  2. Yeah, I have observed that same pattern for the most part, except I've never had a problem with Steen before. Last year he never got his mask off. I blame the baby...


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