Monday, August 31, 2009

Convalescence, Day 1

In the late morning today I went out to check on Steen. I found him standing with weight on the injured leg, and was initially impressed that he did not try to move away from me when I reapplied the pink stuff to his three unwrapped wounds. Then I decided it would be best to get him to walk around a little, and upon haltering him and asking him to accompany me over the water tank, I discovered that he was extremely reluctant to move at all. He'd move his front feet and sort of pivot but he really, really didn't want to pick either of his back legs up, and when he finally did, he picked them up one at a time and kind of kicked with them in the air behind him, but refused to move forward. I kept pestering him until he took two steps, and after that he followed me slowly but willingly.

I took him over to the water, which, typically, he showed no interest in drinking. Then I made him walk back, which took a lot more persuasion than the first time and I had to bribe him with quite a bit of hand-picked grass before he'd move again. I dragged him back around the fence and to an area of the run where there is still some grass growing, and left him there, hoping he'd get some hydration by eating.

Steen and his nurse, Sassy. Note the large black bandage on his rear left leg.

So, I guess the extreme stiffness is to be expected, but I will feel a whole lot better when moving a little more easily.

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  1. Heh, Trekker was the exact opposite when he was injured. He wanted to walk, and run, and behave like nothing was wrong. The vet said as little walking as possible that's what we did.

    While the injuries are probably a big part of the not moving, it may the the bandage is bothering him too. If he's not used to stuff on his legs, he may just think it feels weird. I've seen horses do similar things (not want to move, kick out with back feet) when they're first introduced to splint\skid boots on the back.


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