Monday, September 07, 2009

Getting There

Today I think all of Steen's swelling was finally gone. His back legs look good (other than the huge scabs) and his right front knee is back to its normal size. He seems pretty content back out in the large pasture, even though the grass appears to have stopped growing for the winter. I've decided I'm going to feed him the rest of the grain he had leftover from last winter to try to get his weight back up before it gets cold, although I'm thinking it's more muscle loss than fat loss and what he really needs is exercise. Luckily, the grass is so sparse the herd is walking around a lot, up and down the big hills in the pasture.

Today I gave him the last of his sweet feed, some grain, put icthamol slave on his "scratches," zinc ointment on his scabs, fly spray on his legs, and did my best to scrub off the drainage below his wounds. I swear, I feel like this summer all I've done is apply various goopy ointments to sundry parts of Steen's body.

However, when I put him back in the pasture, Steen trotted off to find his herd. Although I'm still treating his leg with care, he's clearly more or less over it. With the swelling gone and no sign of infection, I venture to say we are in the clear. I know it will be a long time before he heals completely, but I do believe the worst is over. I might even saddle him up and do an easy ride tomorrow or the next day.

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  1. Ha, yeah. I frequently feel like all I do is groom/muck/vet horses...especially when one of them (*cough*Trekker*cough*) is injured. Other boarders often ask me if I ever actually ride, because all they ever see me do is groom/muck/vet.

    Good luck getting some of the more fun bits of horse-ownership in there.


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