Monday, September 28, 2009

A Ride

On Saturday night Brian and I were sitting in the study, and my phone, next to me on the desk, buzzed and beeped, informing me I'd gotten a text message.

Brian and I have been a little out of the loop for the last week or so, having contracted a flu and been laid low. Some time mid-week last week, I emailed Cathi and asked if she would mind taking over the washing off of Steen's drainage for a few days, because there was no way I was up to the task myself. She was so nice about it and said no problem, and I commenced to lie around aching and sweating and not going to the barn for four days.

By Saturday night, when my phone beeped, I was beginning to feel human again. I looked at the text message. It was from Cathi and it said, "We're riding tomorrow at 10:00. Do you want to come?"

I, having not seen Steen's leg in quite a while, didn't quite know what to say. I asked if she thought he was up to it. She said she thought it would do him good. With a huge lifting of spirits, I told her to count me in.

Ten o'clock the next morning found me at the barn marveling at the difference four days had made in Steen's leg. The scab is much smaller, with new, pink scar tissue at edges. The scab is also not as tall, so perhaps the Granulex spray really is bringing down the proud flesh. Drainage is significantly reduced, no swelling anywhere. I was more or less ecstatic. Cathi offered to lend me a mount if I didn't want to take him out, but I thought we were ready for it. So six of us tacked up and headed down the road and oh it was grand.

It was a beautiful early fall day, windy, with leaves drifting out of the trees that drop their foliage at the first sign of chill. We did a sort of clover-leaf on roads and strips of grass between corn-fields around the barn. It was a good group - every person out there with decades of riding under their belt. About half the horses were on the green side. The other half as solid as they come. We had our adventures. At one point Cathi got off to pick something up out of the road and her four-year-old retired thoroughbred racehorse got away from her and ended up running around for a while before we could catch him again.

Eventually, Cathi took us to her brother-in-law's secret hayfield, freshly mown, and those with the desire and healthier horses than mine had a good gallop. Cathi's racehorse outran everyone else, of course. Steen, not allowed to participate, instead spun in so many wild circles it probably would have been less strain on his leg if I'd just let him run.

He was keyed up on the way home, but in a way I couldn't help but enjoy. We rode back along a rolling strip of grass between a corn field and a soybean field and Steen was prancing and the wind was blowing and I felt happier than I've felt in weeks.

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  1. Congrats on finally getting in a ride, and glad Steen is finally looking better. I remember being pretty happy when I could finally ride Trekker after the broken splint bone too.

    As for looking better after 4 days away...that's one of the reasons I've started taking pictures of injuries, so I can look back and see how much progress has actually been made. It's hard when you see it everyday because the progress is slow, but when you look back you can often really see a difference.

    Anyways, hope things keep getting better. :)


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