Monday, November 16, 2009

Starting Them Young

Today Steen and I had a glorious ride that involved no spooks, and a sustained, balanced, steady and not at all crazy lope out on the trails! Then we came home and I untacked just in time to receive some very special visitors. My friend, Adele, and her son Ben came out to meet Steen.

Luckily, Steen is always on his best behavior for new people and he really does seem to enjoy kids. I did some groundwork with him and we introduced Ben. They both seemed curious, though Steen was friendlier than Ben, initially.

We had some fun with petting and sniffing and some setting of Ben onto Steen's back. Then we wanted to take some pictures. I have so far neglected to desensitize Steen to cameras, and flashes in particular freak him out a little. Adele had her very nice digital SLR in tow, and I took a moment to let Steen get used to the clicking before we reintroduced Ben and the camera at the same time.

Soon Steen's curiosity got the best of him, and he discovered the camera was no big deal.

So then we put Ben back on, and Steen allowed me to snap a few shots while Ben sat aboard.

I also led Steen around a little while Adele held Ben in place, and while Steen seemed more than a little concerned that Ben might fall and so walked veeery slowwwly, Ben himself enjoyed that part.

Adele took a photo of me giving Steen a small reward for his good behavior.

Ben and Steen started getting restless and fussy at about the same time, so we called it quits for session one. Still, I think the visit was a success and hopefully Ben will come back from time to time while he grows older.


  1. That first pic is funny. I end up with a lot of closeup nose pics, since every time I break out the camera the horses have to investigate if it's edible.

    Nice job on imprinting the joys of horses on a small child. It's kinda funny how we all seem to feel the need to pass our own little insanities on the the next generation. :)

  2. Yes, indoctrinating the young is part of every culture. ;)


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