Monday, December 21, 2009

From One Extreme to the Other

Saturday I went to the barn for a ride with Gay and Cathi. We decided to venture out into the fields around the barn in spite of the snow cover, so it marked my first horseback adventure through the fluffy white stuff.

And, I am happy to report, it wasn't much of an adventure. Steen was so well behaved I actually started to worry he wasn't feeling well. He was calm from the moment I brought him out of the pasture to the moment I put him back and gave him a frozen apple (courtesy of Gay) to chew on for a while.

Steen sucking on his apple

I'm not sure what made the change. Perhaps it was our long, long indoor cruise earlier in the week. Perhaps he was just feeling tired. But given how unusually antsy he's been our last number of rides, it was pretty astonishing to take him out and find him totally, completely and absolutely mellow. Even when Chewey and Doc both started showing a little attitude, Steen was relaxed and willing to do whatever I asked.

So, who knows? Horses are nothing if not mysterious...


  1. So jealous you got to ride! I went out early Sunday AM to feed and the sun was shining. Thought this might be the day. By noon, the cloud cover rolled in along with the cold wind. So much for that idea. Another storm rolling in. I really think, for the first time in 8 years, I am not going to ride in December. :(

  2. Sometimes you never know what your going to get with horses. One day they're great, the next day they're spooking at a tractor they see everyday. Maybe they just like to mess with our minds. :)


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