Saturday, January 02, 2010


It's been really cold here. Like, highs below zero kind of cold. Last winter I discovered even riding indoors was really not pleasant below five degrees, so I've been lying a bit low since our return from our Christmas journey.

Today was no exception to the cold rule, but Brian and I took a trip out to the barn to check on the horses anyway. With Steen's tendency to lose weight at the slightest provocation, I'd been experiencing the nagging fear that I was going to arrive at the barn after my hiatus to find him skinny and forlorn in spite of all our best efforts. (Not that there aren't people checking on him multiple times a day. But I myself hadn't seen him in almost two weeks.)

So, it was a nice affirmation when we walked into the pasture to find Steen fluffy and perky. I ran my hands over his sides and had to poke around a bit to find his ribs under a nice layer of fat. His back is still wide and his spine is a canyon. He does not appear to have lost weight at all, in spite of the ice/sleet storm followed by the ubercold snap. This encourages me immensely.

Steen seemed happy to see us. We hung out petting him and Cal and Doc for a few minutes, but my fingers were starting to feel deadened before long, so we returned to our heated car.

Tomorrow it's supposed to be five degrees. I might hazard a ride.

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  1. Wow, that is cold. It's gotten pretty cold here, but usually the highs are above zero (if often still below freezing). Good luck getting in some riding.


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