Sunday, January 31, 2010

Horsey Sunday

Today Brian and I went out to the barn. It had been a very long time since he rode Steen. Since I still have stitches in my leg and Steen needed some exercise, we figured today was the perfect opportunity to get the two of them reacquainted.

We found Steen still cozy in his wug, though I have still neglected to take a photo of him all dressed up. He was happy to see us, and we brought him inside and made sure to stay relaxed and happy, and make a big fuss over how pretty he is and how sweet he is (like he likes) and he stayed very relaxed through the grooming and tacking process. Then Brian hopped on and put in a solid 40 minute indoor ride with lots of walking and trotting. I was impressed with them both and looking forward to riding again myself.

We left our barn and headed north to Cedar Falls, where we tested out Potential Second Horse number two. He's a cool horse - 1/2 saddlebred, 1/4 arab, 1/4 paint. However, we were somehow under the impression he had a little more experience than he did, and we left with the conviction that he's a little much for Brian at this stage.

So, the hunt continues. But we're having fun.


  1. Is that 2nd horse a medicine hat? He's cute, kinda reminds me of Trekker (not that I can really make that kind of judgment accurately from seeing 3 pictures).

    Glad Steen behaved himself for you and Brian this time. :)

  2. He is indeed a medicine hat. And he has a shield. He's cute, and I can see how he would remind you of Trekker. Unfortunately, he hadn't been ridden for the better part of two years until yesterday. He needs more of a refresher than we really want to put into Horse Number Two.


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