Friday, February 12, 2010

Let's Not Forget the Star of This Blog

Today I went to the barn to pay some attention to MY horse. We've been so wrapped up with shopping and test-riding for Brian, Steen has been a tad overlooked the last week or two.

Steen is actually developing a belly. Woohoo!

First I went out and checked on the cut on Sham's knee. There is no swelling and it looks uncomplicated, so that is very good. Then I went and retrieved my boy. He was in fine form, looking cute in his blanket and happy to see me.

To my delight, the mounting stairs have been returned to the indoor arena. Their presence combined with the removal of my stitches meant I can ride bareback again! So, Steen and I had a quick grooming session (the blanket sure makes that easier) and then I bridled him and mounted.

He was absolutely great today. I think we're in the process of turning a corner. He's understanding that touches with the leg mean 'turn,' not 'attempt to run away.' He's lately been doing really well with neck-reining. Today he never spooked once during our whole ride, at all, at anything. Even when ice was sliding off the roof, he only raised his head and looked around.

So, that was pretty wonderful. I rode for 45 minutes, walk and trot, told him how great he is and put him back outside.

Since Brian's work schedule combined with the fact that we have tickets to see the Lipizzaner Stallions in Ottumwa tonight make it impossible for him to get to the barn today, I decided to work with Sham a little too. I brought him indoors after I turned Steen out. He was more nervous today than yesterday, but I led him around the indoor arena and started teaching him some yielding exercises and he calmed right now. And even his 'nervous' behavior is about on par with Steen being 'pretty good,' so, I am still thinking he's going to be really chill once he finishes adapting to the new surroundings. I picked his feet (he's great about that) and put more ointment on his knee and put him back outside to continue making new friends. As I was leaving I looked back and saw Sham was getting a drink and Steen was trying to sniff his nose through the fence. Maybe this weekend we'll turn them out together and see what they think of one another.

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