Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sham Arrives

Today Sham walked off the trailer and into our hands. The guy hauling him was late, and Brian had to run home to receive the home-owners insurance inspector, so I was the only one there to receive him. He came off the trailer with a hilarious leap and a cut on his knee. I brought him inside and he rolled almost immediately, already seeming quite at home in the new place.

in the indoor

I hung out brushing the sweat out of his coat until Brian arrived. Sham seemed to warm up to me during that brief time, and expressed curiosity and interest in all the other horses and people around the barn. He was remarkably calm considering he'd just been hauled for an hour and a half and then left with strangers. He stood better on day one than Steen ever has.

in the airlock

Eventually, he was dried out so we took him and put him in the "airlock" so he could sniff noses with all three of the herds before meeting his new pasture buddies face-to-face.

Steen, meet Sham. Sham, meet Steen

He wandered over and met his brother. That seemed to go well.

already pretty settled in

It was a mellow introduction, all around. No one seemed to have strong feelings about his inclusion in the herd. There were one or two squeals, one minor kick, and that was all.

So, we're hopeful this is the smooth start to a lot of smooth sailing.

And in big blog news, Brian has started his own online riding journal. You can find it here.


  1. Heh, Sham definitely does not seem to be a Drama Queen. :) Good luck with him.

  2. Yeah, no drama from this boy. Steen is like a Drama-Duke, but Sham is not even a Minor-Drama-Dignitary.

    Thanks. :) I am curious to watch him and Brian get to know one another.


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