Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day at the Barn

This afternoon Brian and I headed for the barn again. We had a plan to do things a little differently than we did them yesterday. We arrived and went to get Sham out of the pasture. Sham recognized Brian immediately and walked from the round bale to where Brian waited. We thought that was a very good sign. We brought him indoors (leaving Steen outside), got him tacked up and got Brian on board with minimal stress. Again, Sham seems the calmest when we are more or less ignoring him and just going about our business.

At the start of the ride, Sham was a little inclined to go. This wasn't helped by the fact that the stall horse herd decided to gallop around outside. Sham could hear them, and kind of wanted to run, too. He broke into a trot a few times so I suggested Brian just trot him for a while. He treated Brian to a pretty fast trot and even a few strides of a lope, and stayed a bit nervous for a while, but after about ten minutes he calmed down and after that was much easier for Brian to handle. Brian and Sham had a pretty good twenty-five minute walk-trot ride, and then called it quits.

Afterwards, Sham was totally happy to hang out with us in the tie stall and let us brush him and pet him. I trimmed his tail. Brian brushed him mane. Things were pretty relaxed. We put him back in the pasture and I grabbed Steen for a short bareback ride before it got dark.

Steen was quite good today. No antics at all in the tie stall. He was good about the mounting block, good at the walk and the trot. Then there was a near disaster in the stall area involving Heather's horse Tommy, the automatic door, the four-wheeler, and the manure spreader. The commotion got Steen a bit worked up, but with more work at the walk and trot, he calmed back down. So, in spite of the excitement I had a good ride.

Brian even snapped a few photos.

sometimes my horse makes me laugh

nice smooth trot

After my ride, we went and put Steen back outside. Sham came over the the fence when he saw Brian and received some pets. He really seems like he has an interest in people and a capacity to bond. Once we all finish getting used to each other, I think we're going to be an awesome quartet.


  1. I think it's awesome that you've been getting in so many rides lately. (Or maybe you're just blogging about them more.) It's been quite awhile since I've done more than kinda mosey around bareback. Hope things keep going well.

  2. Thanks! :) We definitely have a pretty good momentum going right now. I am hoping to keep it up all summer, but we'll see.

    I hope you get a chance to have some of your own riding fun soon.


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