Sunday, March 28, 2010

Farewell to Cal

Today Cal left our barn and embarked on the grand adventure of being possessed by a young girl who is utterly beside herself with the happiness of first time horse-ownership. We said good-bye today as her new owner held her lead-rope and asked about her favorite treats. I, for one, am happy that Cal is off to a place where she will be paid attention to and doted on. She was a good horse for Brian to get his feet wet with.

As far as our two boys go, things went pretty well today. The feed lot crowd is a bit stirred up lately because Doc is now living in a stall, Cal is gone and Stella has moved in. Brian and I decided to do the same thing that worked so well yesterday, except Steen was all riled up because of all the yelling going on about Cal's departure and I caught Sham in a mere ten minutes, so Brian didn't have as much time to kill.

Today involved a bit of us hanging out on the strip together, trading horses a couple times and intermittently letting them eat some of the new spring grass and doing groundwork. Sham was very good today. He's figuring out that there is a correct response to each command I give him and trying to do the right thing. He's happy to receive praise, and already responding to gentler commands.

Steen was not so great today. He was distracted and antsy. He is so good with his groundwork these days that he can go through the motions without really paying attention. Not helpful, to say the least, but it was good practice for Brian anyway. I did about half an hour of groundwork with Sham and then put him in the nearly empty feed lot with Stella. They ran a bit, but not much. Brian and I took Steen inside and groomed him, and then put Steen out with Sham and Stella. Again, introductions were fairly quiet, though Steen was doing some funny prancing, running around like he was trying to get Sham's attention, and Sham was more or less ignoring him.

Hopefully they will both be intact and not missing too much hair tomorrow.

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  1. Ha, yeah. Trekker can do basic groundwork/riding without actually paying attention too. Even while frantically calling and looking at something else. I find it both amusing and insanely frustrating.

    Good to hear that Sham is getting better tho.


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