Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One Happy Family

Today Brian and I headed for the barn after I got off work. The days are staying lighter later and that has increased our barn-time flexibility a bit.

We found our boys in the feed lot. Steen and Stella were still in their pens after receiving their dinner. Sham was at large and following Becca (the barn worker) around in hopes of getting more treats.

The daily feeding combined with getting to know us better is apparently working wonders. Although I let Brian halter Steen and take him out of the pasture before I started the process of haltering Sham, it turned out not to be a process at all. I walked up to him and put his halter on, simple as that.

Afterwards we went to the outdoor arena, where we grazed and groomed and did groundwork. Then Sham got to go inside and get yet another treat. When we put him back in the pasture with Steen, he wasn't in any hurry to run off. I had them both hanging out with me for a few minutes. They seem to be getting along remarkably well. Brian took a few photos.

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