Thursday, March 04, 2010


Today I took Steen outside.  It wasn't perhaps the brightest move.  There is still deep snow in some places, ice in others, and mud in still others.  Nevertheless, I am bored stiff with riding indoors and today it was sunny and in the 40's.  Wasting the opportunity to get some sun seemed ridiculous.  So, I tacked Steen up.  He's so fat these days I got him a longer girth (we had to get a new one for Sham anyway, and Steen's old one is the size Sham will need, so it seemed like a good way to avoid having extras lying around).  The extra weight also definitely has an impact on his lightness of foot.  I took him outside and had him walking around in deep snow and he was huffing and puffing within a few minutes.

He actually stayed remarkably calm through most of the ride.  I didn't have much of a plan.  We just wandered in and around the corn-fields and the strip.  He did pull his old stunt - trying to turn around and go home - quite a few times, but I corrected him with neck-reining and touch with my leg first, then direct rein and a few thumps with my calf if he didn't cool it, and after a few times he wasn't trying as hard anymore.  He didn't seem all that happy with the snow.  The density is unpredictable, and it's doubtless scratchy in some places due to the presence of ice-crystals, so I didn't feel inclined to push him.  Mostly I was just enjoying being on his back with sun on my face.

I made my best effort to get Steen's winter coat off today

When I turned him back out, I left his blanket off.  He's been sweating under there the past few days, so I think he can manage without it now.  Which is good, because I bet he likes to feel the sun, too.

Sham was all tucked in for a nap and seemed pretty content in the sun

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  1. Haha. My guys are fat and out of shape too. They seem to get out of breath with pretty minimal effort as well. Guess that's what happens over the winter when you feed lots of grain and don't ride much (in my case anyways).

    Cute picture of Sham. I like pics of horses lying down, almost as much as I like pics of horses rolling. :)


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