Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring Vet Day

Today Steen got his yearly vaccinations. He was absolutely wonderful for the vet. He hardly reacted to the shots at all, and Jim told me his old owner asks about him regularly and is always happy to hear he's doing well.

Steen was also good before the vet arrived. Brian and I groomed him and I rode bareback for a while in the indoor arena. He was very relaxed, even standing for long periods of time.

Then, Brian got a treat. Jean let him hop on the very tall, very well trained Schooley.


  1. Grats on Steen standing for the vet! That can be a tough one. :)

  2. P.S. do any of the horses there actually play with the ball? I tried to get Tranikla to play with one once, but no luck.

  3. Thanks. :) Luckily for me, Steen has had this vet longer than I've owned him.

    And about the ball - not really. Steen messed around with it a bit the other day, and I hear Cathi's filly does actually play with it (but have never seen this myself). When it was brand new, all of the horses reacted to it in one way or another, but now mostly it's just there.


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