Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Away for Awhile

Brian and I are heading over-seas, and while I'm excited both to walk the Highland Way North from Glasgow for a couple weeks and then toast my brother's nuptials in England, I sure am going to miss my horse.

Fortunately, Steen's out in the large pasture with the rest of the herd now (though choosing to confine himself to the smaller lot in this photo for some reason) and he's got over a dozen acres of grass to eat while I'm gone.

I've actually hardly been out to the barn lately because I've been trying to finish quite a few websites and other graphic-design projects before we go. So, I'm already experiencing a Steen deficit. Yesterday, however, I went out to say good-bye.

In spite of my recent neglect, Steen was the perfect gentleman for me. I am always amazed at how quickly he puts on muscle just by virtue of having hills to walk up and down while grazing. Brian's also been riding him a fair bit and it shows. He's at a wonderfully healthy weight right now. Yesterday I mostly just groomed him and doted on him, then rode him bareback for a while indoors (it was cold and insanely windy out).

Then I put him back out with the herd and said farewell. I haven't gone more than two weeks without seeing Steen since I bought him (two years ago now!) so I will definitely miss him.

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