Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Plan

Lately my days have gone something like this:
  • 6:15: Wake up. Think, "I should go see Steen today."
  • 6:30: Have coffee and hang out with Brian. Eat breakfast.
  • 7:30: Check email. Get sucked into doing something for a client.
  • 8:00: Think, "I will go see Steen just as soon as I finish this one thing."
  • 9:00: "Almost finished."
  • 9:30: Get diverted onto different project.
  • 11:00: Answer phone call.
  • 11:30: Think, "Wow, it's gotten hot out. I should go to the barn soon."
  • 11:45: Leave computer with intention of going to barn. Realize it is lunch time.
  • 12:00: Fix lunch.
  • 12:30: Get frantic phone call/email from client. Fix problem.
  • 2:00: Go to meeting.
  • 4:00: Think, "I don't like going to the barn in the afternoon." Decide to go to barn tomorrow.
Needless to say, this is not a good system. So, yesterday I've decided I need to schedule Steen as if he is a client. My new goal is to go to the barn three mornings a week. The only way it seems possible to accomplish this given my personal inability to set work aside once I have started it is for me to leave for the barn when Brian leaves for work - before checking my email. If I can get to the barn by 8:00, I can be home by 10:00 and that should leave me enough time to get my work done on any given day. Working until 6:00 some days will be worth actually getting to see my horse again.

Yesterday I implemented my new plan seamlessly. Steen and I had a good ground-work session. Today it stormed. But I am still optimistic this will work.


  1. I used to go out to the barn in the morning, for much the same reasons you outline. Once I got into working on stuff it was hard to leave, and I didn't like going in the evenings. It kinda made me feel guilty initially, like I was eating dessert first, but I got into a pattern and it worked.

    Now I usually go out in the evenings. I don't usually get up early enough to get to the barn before it gets hot, and it allows me to get stuff done during the day. Nate also prefers evenings, and it's nice to have company some of the time.

    Anyways, I think once you establish a pattern it'll work out. You just gotta be consistent with yourself, much like training your horse. :)

  2. With these hot humid days, I just haven't had the gumption to even look at the horses and they are right out my window. I need to get my groove back. Soon!

    Yes, when I am home, seems the distractions always win over horse time. Why is that?

  3. My new morning plan will hopefully beat the humidity, but it's still hard to ride hard when the air is so heavy. The afternoons are so different here - it just doesn't cool off at night in the Midwest like it does in the Southwest.

    And horseback-riding really should come first. I don't know why it's so hard to put at the top of the list...


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