Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So Far So Good

Today I was at the barn at 8:00am and Steen and I had a lovely ride. He was very relaxed and already more responsive than he's been the last few times I rode. We stayed indoors and I went bareback (I'm still having issues with my foot), but he was more willing to stop and stand and turn than my last ride. We worked on walking and trotting, and he did a very good job holding a nice, smooth, steady trot. I've also been working on bending him around my leg in a circle exercise and he was doing really well at that today.

We've got a couple new horses at the barn - Zulu and Caboose. They belong to Cathi who owns the barn, and they are both untrained and skittish. For now they are occupying the run up against one side of the indoor arena, and they are very curious about the things I do with Steen:

They stare at me while I groom him and pick his feet and I walk over intermittently to say hello. Sometimes Steen get's jealous when I take their picture:

But he knows I love him best, so it's OK.

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