Saturday, August 28, 2010


Yesterday Brian and I headed to the barn in the afternoon. We arrived optimistically, with a bridle set up for Bear "just in case." From up by the barn we can't see the whole pasture, so we grabbed our two halters and headed out. We found Steen near the creek in the low part of the pasture, with Bear grazing on the other side with Nadir. Bear looked good, though his legs and belly were spattered in mud. He didn't have any bite-marks or bumps or bruises and he was grazing happily.

I haltered Steen and Brian headed down to Bear. Bear walked a few steps in Brian's direction and then stood quietly while Brian put the halter on. We headed up to the barn.

Once inside, Bear stood when tied. So did Steen. It was a remarkably drama-less and relaxing undertaking, having them both inside together. We groomed them and Brian tacked Bear up. He took the bit like a gentleman. Steen and I retired to the outside of the arena and Brian climbed on.

And Bear was awesome. He was quiet, responsive, and relaxed. Brian rode him indoors for a few minutes without a single problem, so I tacked Steen up and we headed out on the trails.

We kept it short and easy, since Bear is out of shape, but we rode out on the strip between the corn fields and strolled around for about half an hour. Bear was a total doll, and he also had a calming affect on Steen.

We came back to the barn and untacked. Bear refused carrots from another boarder (Steen got a double portion). We took them outside and turned them out together and our two boys ambled over for a drink of water and then off to join the herd. I was so easy, after all the challenges we faced with Sham, it was almost surreal. Day two of owning Bear and we went on a trail ride. I'm really looking forward to the fall!

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