Saturday, August 28, 2010

Two for Two

We've had absolutely beautiful weather the last few days. This morning was no exception - cool, sunny, breezy. A perfect morning for a ride. Brian and I woke up and attended to the puppy we're looking after for the weekend, then headed for the barn.

We found Steen and Bear grazing happily (as usual) and brought them indoors. Bear seems even more settled in today. He and Steen both stood like angels while we groomed and tacked.

Steen and Bear tied in the aisle

In no time at all we were out on the trails. I showed Brian most of my new favorite ride, though we turned back sooner than I usually do because we were mostly walking to help Bear get back in condition so it was taking a good deal longer than when I lope long stretches. Steen's such a fast walker Brian did trot to catch up a few times (and Steen had to stand and wait a few times, too).

The ride was as close to perfect as they come. Steen was a laid-back version of his usual self. He got a bit antsy at certain points, but nothing bad.

Steen trying to edge his way into the soybeans

We were out for an hour. We came home, untacked, groomed, then put our boys back outside.

Bear is not only diplomatic, but a tad philosophical as well

So, really, I couldn't be happier. I haven't had to step in and help Brian with Bear at all so far. So from here forward my focus can stay on Steen - we just won't have to go it alone so much. :)


  1. Bear does have a bit of a belly, doesn't he? Hopefully that means he'll be an easy keeper. :)

    I have the same speed problem with my horses, Tranikla likes to walk really fast (especially when he's out) and Trekker walks really slow. It certianly makes ponying and riding with Nate interesting.

  2. Yeah, we definitely don't need two horses that get skinny at the slightest provocation.

    And I swear no two horses in the entire world walk at the same pace. Bear actually walks at a good clip, but Steen is like a speed-walker.


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