Monday, September 27, 2010

New Pad

We had a couple of chilly, stormy days so Brian and I found the boys a bit hungry and dirty in the pasture.  We decided to let them graze in the airlock while we groomed them.

Steen apparently prefers the grass at the very edge of the fence line.

After we got the worst of the mud off we took them indoors and finished tacking.  I put Steen's brand new pad on his back and we retired to the strip.

The good news is I think Steen's new pad had a definite positive impact on the ride.  He seemed more willing to lift his back up into position and lower his head at the trot.  The bad news is my foot was really having issues, so I had to get off after about half an hour.

Steen was fine with that, though, since I mostly just let him graze while I watched Bear and Brian, who had a very nice ride.

Steen was kind enough to let me snap some photos while he had a bite to eat.

So, all told it was yet another lovely day at the barn. The weather was perfect, the boys were good.  Now if I could just get my foot healed, everything would be perfect.

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