Sunday, September 12, 2010

Steen the Teacher

Yesterday was our first Duke Day with Bear. It was also scheduled to be a bit of a potluck. We hung out with the other barn people and ate home-made cornbread and chili and enjoyed the beautiful day. I also hauled along our SLR instead of our usual point-and-shoot.

Trims were uneventful. Steen was his usual perfect self. Bear is definitely still a bit stiff in his hind end (though markedly less so than when we got him) and once Duke did have to hold his hoof for a minute and wait for him to be able to lower it for trimming. Another time Bear shifted partway across the aisle. But for a horse that's been in a new place for less than two weeks getting worked on for the first time by a strange farrier, I'd say things went well.

We pulled Bear's shoes. Duke said probably with him standing and riding on grass he won't need them, but we'll keep an out for soreness over the next few weeks.

After the trim we had a chat with a young girl who is enamored with horses and putting in some time around the barn. She was there with her father, and they were both very impressed by Steen's looks and goofy personality. So, I used Steen to let the girl pick up a horse's foot for the first time. She was a bit intimidated by the concept, but Steen was a gentleman - picking up his feet on just a verbal cue and letting her get used to cupping the hoof with one hand and cleaning with the other.

So, it was a pleasant day. After all the festivities, we turned the boys back out into the pasture in their highly sexy fly-masks.

We all can't wait for the nights to get just a little cooler so we can get rid of all these bugs!

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  1. I've heard some people say their horses were a bit tender-footed when they first went barefoot (especially if they'd been shod year-round prior). Some went back to shoes, and others stuck with barefoot and were fine after awhile. I guess it'll just depend on how tough Bear's hooves are whether he takes to it well or not.

    Sounds like you've been getting a lot of horse time in lately tho. Hope the you're able to continue the trend.


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