Monday, October 11, 2010

Indian Summer

I guess this is what they call Indian Summer.  We've had sunny days in the 80's and no rain.  It's October.

On Friday Brian and I headed out to the barn in the afternoon.  We kept the ride pretty simple but after a little warm-up ventured past the strip into the soybean field, where we walked a few laps.  Steen was very calm and responsive throughout, and we had a nice time.  Bear started out nervous, wanting to trot the downhills, but with some quiet reinforcement, he settled.

On Sunday we headed out again.  Steen was way, way out in the pasture, but fortunately he saw me and came a-running:

OK, actually I think a bee was chasing him or something, but nevertheless he came flying back and saved me a long walk.

We let the boys graze in the airlock while we tacked up because they were power-washing the barn and it was hectic and noisy inside.  Once we were ready to go, we decided to skip the strip work and get straight to walking the fields.  Things went well from the start.  Bear seemed a lot more relaxed after his day off, and Steen was a model citizen.  We had a highly uneventful ride of about an hour.  We executed four laps of the soybean field and Bear walked up and down all the hills like a champ.  It was Steen was cheating by the end and trying to trot.

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