Thursday, October 14, 2010

No More School

I have been lucky in my dealings with horses in that although I'm going on twenty years of riding and owning these wonderful animals, I have not yet lost a horse of my own. This week, sadly, I am watching a friend have to say good-bye to hers. Jean's horse Schooley (AKA: No More School) has been fighting with navicular for the last many months, and although treatment did help for a while, he is now suffering a good deal.

At 20-years-old, Schooley has had a long and impressive life, starting as a race-horse and retiring to compete in eventing with Jean.

(I swiped this photo off of Jean's facebook page)

Jean and Schooley have shared a saddle for 14 years, and in the last one of those years Steen and I have been lucky enough to ride beside them sometimes. Some of my very best moments out on the trails with Steen have occurred in the company of Jean and Schooley.

Jean has decided that tomorrow is the right time to end Schooley's suffering. I know she has chosen well, and in her shoes I would do the same, but Steen and I sure will miss their company.

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