Sunday, December 19, 2010

Trims and Fidgets

Today we had our annual Christmas/Farrier potluck at the barn.  Brian and I baked scones and arrived a bit on the late side. Steen was really excited to see me, pacing along the fence-line as we approached. Bear was less proactive about being caught, but came with amiably enough once once Brian had the halter on. We went inside and groomed them. They were both just a tad on the mobile side. Bear has gotten very used to having a snack when he's brought indoors, and he knows the general vicinity in which the snack is kept. The result was a sort of constant creeping in the general direction of the chopped hay, but Brian kept correcting him and eventually he mostly cooled it.

Steen was ok. I didn't have anything to tie him to, which never helps his mobility, but he was mostly willing to chill out. He was great for the farrier, as usual, but the little split has reappeared in his right front hoof, right where the hoof meets the frog in the back. Duke said to try to get Koppertox in that crack as often as possible.

Bear is stiff in the hind end with the cold and everything, but Brian stretched his legs a bit before his turn and he did his best which amounted to merely pulling each hind leg away once. We wormed them both and turned them back out. I really don't think we're going to have to blanket Bear. He's got a nice, short, dense fuzzy coat and shows no signs of poor health. Really he needs exercise more than anything. Hopefully after the holidays both Brian and I can get back on a regular riding schedule.

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