Monday, January 31, 2011

Bandaged Bear

Brian and I dashed out to the barn this afternoon to check on Bear as a 'blizzard' rolled into town. We found him munching on the bale, his coat fluffed out and poofy.

We brought Bear inside (and left Steen outside, AGAIN, much to a certain paint's chagrin) and checked the leg. No visible swelling above or below the bandage. A little bit of heat, but nothing dramatic. Bear was pretty much behaving like it didn't bother him until I started poking at it, at which point he pulled the leg away once or twice.

So, we'll leave the bandage on through tomorrow night probably, and then see what's going on under there. Bear, in the meantime, seems in good spirits, though he did try to use his doe-eyes on me to get some chopped hay.

It didn't work.

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