Friday, February 11, 2011

Another Ride, Another Lesson

On Monday I went to the barn alone and had a simple but lovely bareback indoor ride on Steen. He was on his best behavior and although I only rode for a short time, I enjoyed the trip out quite a bit. I intended to go again mid-week, but we've had crazy-cold weather (like -18°). So I stayed in.

But today it was warmer and Brian and I headed out for lesson number two. I stayed inside when Brian went out to get Bear so Steen would not see me and get jealous (I'm soft-hearted). Bear stood really well through grooming, in spite of the crazy bird that was hopping around near us, at one point even going to far as to perch on Bear's back.

We got Bear ready and got Brian on-board, although with a new bit (just like Steen's that we've been using on Bear) and no saddle. Something about this combo didn't fly though, and Bear was antsy at first, walking fast and eventually beginning to toss his head when asked to stop or turn. As this is not at all normal, we put Steen's headstall back on him and added a saddle to the equation.

After that Bear settled down, and I encouraged Brian to work on things like precise turns and controlling speed at the walk. I think it was a productive session for everyone involved.

When Bear and Brian were done, I went out and grabbed Steen. We had another quick, bareback ride, and again he was amazingly good. Relaxed, responsive. His jog was a little inconsistent but otherwise he was great.

This weekend we're going to be out of town, but next week it is supposed to get quite warm (50's), so I'm hoping to ramp up the ride frequency.

Horseback Hours YTD: 1:20

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  1. Well, I tried to read your whole post but when I scroll down the words disappear. That's a first for me. The words under the last pic stayed just fine.

    and the security word is excism which is just so close to exorcism. LOL


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