Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Perfect Patient

The storm that was blowing in on Tuesday night stuck around and dropped nearly two feet of snow on us. Cathi advised us that there was no getting to the barn, certainly not for someone without 4-wheel drive. And that worked out because there was also no getting a car out of our garage. Brian spent nearly two hours shoveling and there is still no way we are leaving via vehicle without a lot more work.

Luckily, Cathi lives right next to the barn and has a husband with a lot of farm equipment who keeps things plowed. She reported that she removed Bear's leg wrap in the late morning and he was a doll for her. She checked in on him a few times over the course of the day and he was sweet, even inclined to follow her around the pasture after she examined the leg. She says the cut appears to be healing without complications and she's grown to like Bear quite a lot.

These are the instances when I am so grateful to have found another horse who is easy to handle. When I was young and stupid I always sort of half-dreamed of having that crazy horse who was perfect for just me, and wouldn't let anyone else near it. I suppose this seemed romantic (and implied I was pretty much the greatest horse-person ever). Growing up has changed my opinions on a lot of things, including difficult horses. The longer we have Bear, the more I feel very lucky that circumstances aligned to bring him into our lives.

I took this shot in the summer when Brian's parents were visiting. (Some day I'll get a photo of Brian and I on horseback together, but for now we have him and his mom.)

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