Friday, March 18, 2011

Drying Out

Today the pasture was significantly less mucky when we went out to fetch the boys. I again brought Steen in for a quick bareback ride while Brian got Bear ready. We did more work at the walk and trot. His trot is just getting smoother and steadier each ride. In spite of the fact that it was cooler today and he spent the day without out his blanket, he was still super quiet, not even bothered by the sounds of moving equipment outside.

I only rode for about twenty minutes, then hopped off to give Steen some chopped hay and water down the arena (dust control) while Brian did groundwork with Bear. Bear was also in super mellow mode today. He didn't mind me wandering around with the hose. In fact, he cared so little I continued to spray down the sand after I put Steen away and Brian climbed on for his ride.

Bear and Brian are doing really well. Brian is getting more and more confident and firm with his commands, particularly in the groundwork. Under saddle Bear is continuing to relax and supple up. Today Bear didn't toss his head even once, so hopefully whatever little issue he had with that other headstall has now been smoothed over. The only rough spot remains turning right, but I'm still hopeful replacing more or his fat with muscle will help that work out over time.

Horseback Hours YTD: 4:40

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