Thursday, March 17, 2011


Today I did what I should do more often and headed to the barn before starting to work. It was a bit breezy and hazy, but with temps in the 50's it felt great to be outside. I fetched Steen from the less-mucky pasture and brought him indoors. He's shedding full force, and I swear his white bits produce longer hairs and more of them. He's looking practically roanish because the white hairs work their way into the darker sections and stay there.

In spite of the wind, Steen was very relaxed, though he did feel the need to check out a suspicious-looking new object hanging at the edge of the area:

I trimmed his tail and groomed his as best I could given the circumstances, then hopped on bareback indoors. We worked on walking and trotting in a figure eight over a pole on the ground. I kind of wish we had more than one, but this was at least enough to give Steen something to think about. He was not highly energetic, at any rate, which was nice from the perspective of sitting his trot.

After the ride I gave him some chopped hay (he has definitely slimmed down some - for some reason the seasonal transitions just seem a bit hard on him). Then I put him back outside, blanket free! I think he'll be more comfortable.

I did say hi to Bear, who was dozing and guarding his spot on the bale just in case he woke up starving:

I don't think he minded not having to come in and work. Plus, he'll get his turn tomorrow.

Horseback Hours YTD: 4:20


  1. Trekker definitely gets a longer and thicker winter coat than Tranikla does. He also starts shedding earlier, presumably because he's got more fur to lose. I'm not really sure if that's because his fur is white, or if it's just "him". He's also very thin-skinned, but again, not sure if that's a "gray" thing, or just a "Trekker" thing.

  2. Yeah, the white hair phenomenon is interesting. There is a fleabitten arab in our pasture and he gets a long coat too. And my sister's mostly white appaloosa puts on the thickest coat I've ever seen.

    On the other hand, white hairs are more noticeable because they're, well, white, so it's hard to know for sure if I'm just making the whole thing up. :)


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