Monday, March 07, 2011

Spring Steen

It's muddy around here lately, and there is still melting snow and more precipitation falling from the sky. This means the horses are muddy and the road to the barn is muddy. However, in some respects its better than frigidly cold. Today it was in the mid-thirties when I headed for the barn in the late morning.

Steen and Daisy (a paint mare) were grooming/playing with each other when I arrived. I watched them for a couple of minutes until they noticed me, at which point Steen left Daisy to walk towards me. I took him inside, and he proved to be in a very mellow, somewhat goofy mood. He wasn't at all antsy, but he was a little opinionated about certain things. He was also pretty dirty everywhere that wasn't covered by the blanket, and he's shedding now which means his white bits spread hair all over his dark bits. So he was looking a bit comical:

Still, the ride was nice. I rode indoors and bareback, walk and trot. Steen was very good, with only one or two rather odd little points of resistance that we mostly worked through by the end. His trot was very smooth and only a little erratic. He also felt very content to be inside being ridden, though he was still quite happy to stop after our grueling half hour of very mild exercise.

Horseback Hours YTD: 3:20


  1. I just noticed shedding here, too. Now if the snow would just quit!!

  2. "grueling half hour of very mild exercise" --hah, I think this describes 90% of my rides. :)

    Glad to hear you got a nice ride in, even if it wasn't highly exciting.


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