Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Awesome Wednesday

The weather has turned beautiful. Brian and I headed out today with the plan to warm up in the indoor arena and then transition to the outdoor. Except when we arrived there was a lesson going on in the indoor so we decided to just start outdoors after all.

We groomed the boys outside and they were both great. They were dozing off in the warm sun. Then we went to the arena. I rode bareback, Brian went in the bear trap. Bear started off just a tad rebellious, but he came around quite quickly.

Steen was great from the start. It's hard to imagine him more relaxed than he was today. He was willing to walk, jog, stand, whatever, all around the outdoor, in spite of whatever other commotion was going on. Then at the end I returned him to the tie area and left him there for a while to take some photos of Brian on Bear, and he just stood quietly and waited for me to come back. Amazing!

Here's a shot of Steen patiently waiting:

Really though, one of my favorite parts of today's ride was watching Brian and Bear. They both looked absolutely great today. Bear's extension and mobility were top notch and Brian was relaxed and in charge at the same time. They even looked great walking (for some action shots you can see Brian's post):

Plus we finally got Bear going in his own bridle today. We even inadvertently got him a headstall that is the same brand and stain as his saddle! There's nothing like some good-looking tack to finish off a good-looking horse (and rider :)).

Horseback Hours YTD: 12:20


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