Friday, April 08, 2011

Reunited (and it Feels So Good)

Friday is lesson day. As we headed for the barn Brian and I decided it was time to put him back on Bear. I was pretty confident things would go well. With my new understanding of Bear's antics I felt I could coach Brian through any minor resistance Bear might put up. Still, if there is one thing I know about horses it's that they always surprise you so I went out today with hopes but prepared for them to be dashed.

Luckily, things went well from the start. Bear was a model citizen for tacking and grooming. He showed not the slightest hint of annoyance or anxiety when the saddle was placed on his back. Brian got on and while he did pull a few of the little stunts he tried on me the last few days, he didn't do anything major at all. The real turning point of the ride, though, was when Bear picked up a trot, unasked, and Brian just went with it and proceeded to make Bear trot in figure-eights for several minutes. Bear definitely got the message. After that he was considerably more docile, and he and Brian had a few wonderful trotting sessions over the course of the ride. By the third one, Bear looked great. He was lifting his back up into his saddle and flexing his poll and just moving like a horse happy to be moving.

So, I'm thrilled. Although I know there is still the possibility for some regression, I do feel like Bear and Brian have clicked. Sure, it's still the beginning and there is a lot more to learn about Bear and what he knows and how he ticks, but I think we're over the first hurdle and that's an excellent start.

They even look good together.

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  1. That had to have boosted Brian's confidence, too. Good job to all!


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