Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Short Ride and Some Fresh Grass

It was a week of bad weather, and the indoor arena was undergoing a treatment that will make it dust free but did render it unusable for about five days first. This meant there was mud and wet outside and no arena inside, so the boys got five days off. I went out on Friday morning so the chiropractor could work on Bear, but otherwise I mostly stayed home and got somewhat caught up on the massive back-log of work I have somehow accumulated.

Today, however, the indoor was back in business. Brian and I headed out to ride. Although the barn was busy, we had a nice ride. Steen was a strange combination of relaxed and jumpy. He was happy to let me steer him, holding his head pretty low, jogging, standing, stopping. But then any little sound would make him do a little half-spook in place. I was bareback, so it wasn't super relaxing for me. On the other hand, he did pretty well considering the circumstances. The arena was still half taken apart and there was a tractor in the corner, plus there was a 4-year-old mare with some issues being ridden at the same time. Honestly he did better with the chaos than I fully anticipated.

I rode for 45 minutes, then gave Steen a snack. The horses have access to one small pasture now, along with their bales, and once Steen gets a taste of grass each spring he seems to decide to forgo hay. So he's losing weight again. *sigh.

Brian also had an excellent ride on Bear, after which we retired to the strip to continue to work on getting ahead of the shedding while the boys got to graze. We also figure it couldn't hurt to expose them to that area again, since hopefully we'll ride out there tomorrow.

They were pretty happy to munch away.

Steen, being a lens-hog as usual.

Horseback Hours YTD: 13:25

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