Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Back in the Wug

I didn't have time for a ride today, but last night the low got into the 30's, the day never warmed considerably and tonight is supposed to get down to 28. The pasture horses are still out on the smaller pasture and Steen has more or less finished shedding. I knew he'd be uncomfortable, so I drove out just to give him a snack and put his blanket on.

My suspicions that he was unhappy were confirmed the moment I reached the pasture and called his name. Steen's head popped up, he looked at me for half and second, then came running in my direction. His sudden departure brought Star and Cowboy along as well, who I then had to shoo off before I could get Steen's halter on. I gave him a quick snack of chopped hay and put his (very very dirty) wug back on.

Bear, on the other hand, looked totally fine. And plus he still has a few pounds to spare. So he got neither blanket, nor treats.

I'm pretty sure he was fine with that, though.

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