Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Nice Ride

Today Brian and I headed to the barn in the morning for a change. He was able to mush his work schedule around and I had a dentist appointment in the afternoon, and it was going to be hot, so we figured this was the only chance we would get to see our boys.

We saddled up. I've been preoccupied lately with the notion that my new saddle is riding low on Steen's shoulders. It has plenty of clearance over his withers under the pommel, and the seat angle is about what it is supposed to be, but somehow every time I look at it just seems tilted. But today I finally came to the realization that my cantle is actually taller than my pommel. Considerably. Also since the skirts are new they have a bit of a tendency to stick up in the rear when my weight isn't in the saddle. I think this is what has been throwing me off.

Today my fabulous husband was also kind enough to loan me both his pad and his stirrups. I wanted to see if Steen's pad had anything to do with his dry spots (the answer is no) and I've been experiencing a little knee discomfort in the new saddle, and thought the narrower stirrups it came with might be the problem (I was right).

While I was tacking up, I realized my horse is chunky. Steen, who I still think of as borderline too thin, is nowhere near too thin. Not at all. In actual fact, he hasn't been too thin for quite a while now. So while that is good, I should probably make sure I keep his exercise level high enough that he doesn't start getting overweight.

Out on the strip, things started off mediocre. Steen was a bit directionally opinionated. I got off twice to fuss with the saddle. Then I got back on determined to put it out of my head. After that, things improved. I honestly think the bulk of my problem is I've been riding bareback for six months, and no saddle feels like riding bareback, no matter what, ever. And that is fine. I just have to get used to it again.

So, today I rode for 50 minutes. I spent time at all three gaits, plus standing. After we got going, Steen was actually pretty awesome. He was at first goey at the trot, but calmed down before long. His lope was about as smooth and slow and balanced as I've ever felt it. He was very happy to stop and stand when asked. In short, he was good. And I was comfortable. Other than those first few moments in which I was worried about the saddle, I didn't think about it much.

Horseback hours YTD: 40:50


  1. Hah, congrats on having an not-so-skinny horse. I think mine fall in that category too. Including the part about needing to get them more exercise. :)

  2. Yeah, he's seriously chunky these days. I think he's actually fatter than Bear... Ah well. It's the better problem to have. :)


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