Saturday, June 18, 2011

Slick Grass

I had a bit of trouble motivating to go to the barn this afternoon, but Brian wanted to go with or without me, and when it came down to it I couldn't resist heading out with him. I was glad I went. The weather was perfect and Steen was happy to see me. He almost always comes to me in the pasture these days.

I went bareback and we walked and trotted around the strip. Steen was decently well behaved, and I was concentrating on staying relaxed and enjoying myself. Brian was having some trouble with a rather uppity Bear, so I was sometimes stopping and watching the two of them and offering suggestions. Eventually Brian decided to get off and do some groundwork. Bear started loping around on the mecate and got a bit too enthusiastic about digging into the corners. The grass was a tad slick and Bear's feet slipped out from under him and he fell down on his side.

He was up again in a second, but he was sort of upset. Brian had dropped the mecate when Bear fell, and Bear was riled enough when he got up that he headed back for the tacking area. He couldn't get there because a gate was in the way, but I decided I didn't want to be on Steen with Bear loose, so I slid off. Brian retrieved Bear, gave him some words of encouragement and then did a bit more groundwork. Bear didn't seem off or sore, so Brian even got on a rode just a little bit more, since the whole reason he had Bear doing groundwork in the first place was because Bear was being a pill. Bear did seem more able to focus, but Brian only rode a few minutes so as not to make any bumps or bruises worse.

I didn't get back on, but I did pull Steen's mecate all the way out to do some groundwork. Steen was good, and when I got into some speedy forward and back changes, he was clearly having fun waiting and watching to see what I'd do next.

So, it wasn't a bad day at the barn, but it certainly wasn't what we were expecting.

Horseback hours YTD: 36:25

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