Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Still Swinging

So far so good on my swings project. I've done 100 swings a day for 8 days now. I've already moved through some seriously sore muscles more than once. I've been using both the 26lb bell and the 35lb bell, switching back and forth depending on how energetic I'm feeling at the beginning of any given set. Today I ended up in a bit of a hurry trying to fit my swings in before a meeting, so I did 50 (with the 26lb bell) in one go. That was tiring.

As far as the results go, I have definitely gained considerable strength. I have noticeably increased muscle definition in all parts of my body, but particularly the arms and abs. I haven't lost any weight according to my scale, but I've compressed. I put on a pair of pants that are usually a snug fit today and discovered they are a bit loose.

At any rate, I'm curious to see how I feel about the whole thing in a few more weeks.

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