Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stormy Ride

Brian and I have a real knack for utterly miscalculating the weather on the weekends and heading to the barn at precisely the wrong time. Today was no exception.

We found ourselves with two mostly tacked up horses and a storm that rolled in and started dumping rain. We went inside and dawdled, hoping it would blow over quickly and we could get our planned ride in. The clouds lingered, dropping loads and loads of water. Eventually we conceded that even if it did pass the grass would be so slippery and the ground so mushy that riding outside wouldn't be a great idea anyway.

So we climbed on indoors. I hadn't ridden in the indoor arena in quite a while, and Steen had regained his fear of the tractor, but I just let him cruise around for a while and it only took an handful of laps before he was willing to stay on the rail without much of a fight even when we came around the scary corner. We walked and trotted around for a while. His trot has gotten a lot faster since I reintroduced loping to the majority of our rides, and today was no exception. But he was smooth and responsive so it was ok.

After riding around for about 15 minutes, I taught Brian the "routine" my sister and I practiced on our last day of her visit. The indoor arena is a bit small for it, but at the trot we had no trouble. Bear and Steen both seemed to remember the pattern and we went through it several times almost perfectly, so that was fun.

Then I took Steen back to the rail intending just to trot him around some more, but he clearly had loping on his mind so I gave in and we went a few minutes in each direction. His lope was great. He was moving nicely. His gait was smooth and regular. He was upright, not leaning at all in the corners. We loped circles around Bear and at first Steen was wanting to cut the corners but I slowly managed to coax him out until he was using the whole arena. Have I ever mentioned how much I love loping?

After the loping, we called it a day. Steen dozed as I untacked and groomed the small amount of sweat out of his coat. By the time we put the boys back in the pasture, the storm had blown over and the sun was out.

Horseback hours YTD:  47:40


  1. Beautiful cloud pictures.

    I haven't ridden for a couple weeks. The heat and humidity have been unbearable!

  2. Thanks Tammy. :)

    We've hardly been out either. It has not been a nice summer at all...


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