Saturday, July 23, 2011


Last week I finished my 30 days of 100 swings a day. On my last day I did all 100 with the 53lb kettlebell. That was hard, but it seemed like a good way to finish up the exercise.

I really enjoyed my 30 days of swinging. I'm significantly stronger than when I started and it was sort of nice just to have my one thing to do each day. But I will admit after the first couple of weeks it stopped being quite the level of workout I expected. Even when I was using the 53 for the majority of my swings, I just wasn't all that fatigued.

So, I think I'm going to take a week of working on some of the other stuff I like to do with the weights, then for August I'm going to do 200 swings a day. I'll probably have to downgrade to the lighter bells, but I'll be curious to see where that takes me.

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